Mera Saahas Mujhmein with Neha

Posted Sun, 01/02/2022 - 17:14
By admin

What do these words really mean? Afterall, what is real courage? Is courage about hoarding weapons? Or is it courageous to bully someone, oppress the weaker people? Or does courage come from being different, doing something different? 
These are the questions that Mera Saahas Mujhmein tries to answer.
Fear, more often than not, is a barrier that stops us from achieving our dreams, our true potential. It is an obstacle that most of us fear almost everyday. We can be afraid of change, of the unknown, of failure. Fear almost always tells you what you can and can not do. 
But what happens when you start facing your fears? Afterall, if there is something that is scarce in real life, it is opportunities. And when these opportunities come knocking on your door, do you take a chance?
Do you say no to your fear?
Do you say yes to your dreams?
This series deals with all these conundrums and much more. The show is an insight into living and leading a life full of confidence and courage everyday, because we all carry the true courage somewhere deep within us. It’s only a matter of unlocking that hidden potential.

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