The Good News Show

Posted Tue, 01/04/2022 - 15:16
By Anonymous (not verified)

An Anjan TV original production, The Good News Show focuses on all the good and positive things happening around us. We aim to bring to light everything RIGHT that people are doing because there are plenty of shows telling you everything else. 
From tiny altruistic acts of kindness to massive benevolent gestures of humanity, The Good News Show brings to you all the news that is good, that has shimmers of kindness and grace, that will light up your television sets and your homes, and hope to not only lift your mood, but also inspire you to spread hope and light around.

In this show, you can catch up on everything that’s happening around the world through viral clips and newstories, talking about all the unsung heroes who are setting examples for all of humanity, with their selfless acts of kindness, their struggles and successes, and by putting others first.

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